Updated April 10, 2021

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New Episodes

Chicago P.D.

S8 E11 - Signs of Violence
A wellness check on a family reveals signs of foul play and Upton is determined to find the parents and young daughter. As she delves further into the troubled family dynamics, she finds herself reflecting on her own childhood trauma.

Final Space

S3 E3 - The Ventrexian
The Lord Commander tries to pry information about Mooncake's whereabouts out of Avocato. Quinn keeps her sickness a secret from Gary.

For All Mankind

S2 E8 - And Here’s to You
Gordo returns to space. Molly faces an upsetting new reality. Aleida confronts her first major hurdle at work.

Forged in Fire

S8 E16 - Second Chance Tournament: Finals
After winning their duels, the Second Chance Tournament concludes with four remaining smiths in an epic final battle. After a couple of grueling rounds, two survive and head back to their home forges to take on a complex weapon from the Forged in Fire vault. Which smith will take down the competition with a weapon worthy of $10,000 and finally be crowned Forged in Fire Champion?

Grey's Anatomy

S17 E11 - Sorry Doesn't Always Make it Right
The Grey Sloan doctors are stuck in the middle of a fight between a newlywed couple who are injured in a car accident and brought to the hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, Jackson's generosity with COVID-positive patients goes a bit too far, and Hayes works to rebuild Maggie's confidence and convince her to perform an extremely risky heart surgery.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

S8 E7 - Episode 216
Main story: How national debt works and why it might be more helpful that you think; plus, Giuliani freaks over Lil Nas X; Amazon’s anti-union tactics; Peeps and Pepsi form an unholy alliance.

My Hero Academia

S5 E2 - Vestiges
After their fight with the Nomu, Hawks and Endeavor return to daily life, and Izuku dreams of One For All...

Penn & Teller: Fool Us

S7 E27 - Magic R App
Magicians Moritz Mueller, Michael Feldman, Magical Bones, and Seth Raphael try to fool the veteran duo with their illusions.

The Curse of Oak Island

S8 E21 - Off the Railing
With winter quickly approaching and time running out, the fellowship unearths the most compelling evidence yet that a ship may have been buried deep in the swamp.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

S1 E4 - The Whole World Is Watching
John Walker loses patience with Sam and Bucky as they learn more about Karli Morgenthau.

The Masked Singer

S5 E5 - Group B Finals - The Ulti 'Mutt' Wildcard!
Group B returns to the stage as the remaining singers battle it out for their spot in the Super Eight! Another wildcard enters the competition for a chance to steal a spot in the game.

Top Chef

S18 E2 - Trouble Brewing
The Chefs are in for a rude awakening when they enter the kitchen to find Padma and seven hungry all-star chefs – Amar Santana, Melissa King, Kwame Onwuachi, Dale Talde, Gregory Gourdet, Carrie Baird and Richard Blais. In this Quickfire the chefs will have just 30 minutes to serve eight plates of breakfast. And if that didn’t get them buzzing, for their Elimination Challenge, they’ll have to create dishes based on two popular Portland brews – Beer or Coffee. Tom shows up with a twist, leaving the chefs to rethink their dishes hours before service. Amar Santana and Dale Talde join Padma, Tom and Gail at judges’ table.

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

S2 E8 - Zoey's Extraordinary Birthday
It's Zoey's 30th birthday, but before she can celebrate properly she must confront her unresolved feelings for the men in her life.