Updated October 14, 2018

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Most watched movie:   SEAL Team
Most popular day to watch movies:   Monday
Most popular day to watch TV:   Saturday
New Movies:  2   |   New Episodes:  11
Total Movies:  1811  |  Total TV Shows:  239   |  Total Songs:  8479

New Movies

Accident Man (2018)

Accidents happen. He can guarantee it.
Mike Fallon, the Accident Man, is a stone cold killer. When a loved one is murdered by his own crew, Fallon is forced to avenge the one person who actually meant something to him.

Sorry to Bother You (2018)

Destiny Is Calling
In an alternate present-day version of Oakland, black telemarketer Cassius Green discovers a magical key to professional success – which propels him into a macabre universe.
New Episodes

Criminal Minds

S14 E2 - Starter Home
When the mummified remains of numerous victims are found in the walls of an elderly couple’s remote South Carolina home, Rossi, J.J. and Simmons are dispatched to track down a trail of clues that date back over 20 years. The hunt becomes urgent after BAU learns the killer has a specific ritual of when to strike, and like clockwork another person goes missing. Also, Rossi reconnects with his ex-wife, Krystall.

Forged in Fire

S5 E31 - Tournament Round 2
In Round Two of the first ever Forged in Fire Invitational Tournament, four armorers must forge a Damascus blade out of something familiar: plate armor. Two exhausting rounds of failed forge welds find the chink in two bladesmiths' armor, and send them packing. The remaining two armorers head back to their home forges to craft an exotic hybrid of pain and protection: the Hooded Katar. Which smith will earn the spot at the armorer's anvil, and the chance at the biggest Forged in Fire purse ever — $50,000?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

S5 E25 - Episode 144
Main story: Brazil is about to elect a new president during a turbulent period of political corruption and economic uncertainty. Plus, reaction to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation; scenes from Sean Hannity’s midlife crisis; the Weather Channel’s over-the-top graphics.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

S20 E4 - Revenge
As a string of break-in assaults grows more violent, the cops investigate an online incel group to identify a suspect.

Lethal Weapon

S3 E3 - A Whole Lotto Trouble
Cole juggles the realities of his job and his duty to be a good parent, as he and Murtaugh work together to bust a gang running a lottery scam. Murtaugh gets ready to celebrate his 30th anniversary with the LAPD and receives a surprise visit from his competitive father-in-law, Don Bennett.

Mr Inbetween

S1 E5 - Hard Worker
People are not always what they appear to be and a good strong name is important. It’s also important to lock your car when you leave it.

Mr Inbetween

S1 E6 - Your Mum's Got a Strongbox
A nutritious breakfast is the key to good health. As is looking in the trunk before you steal a car. People say they do but does anybody really like surprises?


S2 E2 - Never Say Die
Jason and Bravo Team travel to Saudi Arabia, where extremists take hold of an underground water source and threaten to release anthrax into the water supply. Also, Ray contemplates joining another team.

The Walking Dead

S9 E1 - A New Beginning
Rick and his group make a risky run into Washington, D.C. to search for artifacts they will need to build the civilization he and Carl envisioned.

Young Sheldon

S2 E4 - A Financial Secret and Fish Sauce
When George Sr. asks Sheldon to keep a secret from Mary, the stress of not being honest drives Sheldon to hideout at Tam’s for his first sleepover.