Updated June 23, 2019

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Most watched movie:   Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
Most watched TV show:   J. K. Rowling Collection
Most listened to artist:   J. K. Rowling Collection
Most popular day to watch movies:   Thursday
Most popular day to watch TV:   Wednesday
New Movies:  3   |   New Episodes:  13   |   New Seasons:  3
Total Movies:  1822  |  Total TV Shows:  287   |  Total Songs:  8893

New Movies

Dumbo (2019)

Soar to new heights.
A young elephant, whose oversized ears enable him to fly, helps save a struggling circus, but when the circus plans a new venture, Dumbo and his friends discover dark secrets beneath its shiny veneer.

The Equalizer (2014)

What do you see when you look at me?
McCall believes he has put his mysterious past behind him and dedicated himself to beginning a new, quiet life. But when he meets Teri, a young girl under the control of ultra-violent Russian gangsters, he can’t stand idly by – he has to help her. Armed with hidden skills that allow him to serve vengeance against anyone who would brutalize the helpless, McCall comes out of his self-imposed retirement and finds his desire for justice reawakened. If someone has a problem, if the odds are stacked against them, if they have nowhere else to turn, McCall will help. He is The Equalizer.

The Mummy (2017)

Welcome To A New World of Gods And Monsters
Though safely entombed in a crypt deep beneath the unforgiving desert, an ancient queen whose destiny was unjustly taken from her is awakened in our current day, bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia, and terrors that defy human comprehension.
New Episodes

Ancient Aliens

S14 E4 - The Star Gods of Sirius
Did aliens from the tiny star Sirius B visit humans in the distant past, imparting the knowledge of civilization to peoples thousands of miles apart? And did they leave behind a vital clue in the form of a word that's embedded in languages all over the globe?


S3 E2 - Muscle & Flow
Desna and her crew start working at the casino and discover the Lovestones are involved in some illegal business with a very important person.

Drunk History

S6 E9 - Believe It or Not
Larry Walters pilots a balloon-suspended lawn chair; Phineas Gage survives an iron rod to the brain; and the Greenbrier Ghost's testimony is used in court.


S7 E5 - Into the Woods
Tech billionaire Odin Reichenbach hires Sherlock and Joan to investigate a personal threat he suspects originated from within his own company. Sherlock and Joan search for a motive behind three seemingly unconnected murders.

Fear the Walking Dead

S5 E3 - Humbug's Gulch
June and John take shelter to hide from a threat, but a misunderstanding with a desperate survivor leads to trouble. Meanwhile, Alicia and Morgan face a dangerous obstacle.

Forged in Fire

S6 E18 - The Messer Sword
Four bladesmiths face triple the challenges when they must forge a canister Damascus blade from three different steels using three separate cans. Keeping their canisters and blades straight proves easier said than done, and Round 1 gives one of the competitors a tough break. After a rough round of testing, two finalists head back to their home forges to recreate two of history's most reliable hunting weapons: the Messer and Bi-knife.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

S6 E15 - Episode 164
Main story: The pros and cons of impeaching Trump; plus, Steve Bullock, Duncan D. Hunter campaign finance scandal.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

S6 E6 - Inescapable
They've fought through space, time and alternate realities to find each other, and now, closer than ever, only their own demons can stop FitzSimmons' reunion.

MasterChef (US)

S10 E4 - 10th Season Pool Party!
In two teams of nine cooks, the Top 18 prepare for a 10th anniversary-themed pool party by preparing food for 100 important guests that include former "MasterChef" winners and contestants, but only one team can earn immunity.

MasterChef (US)

S10 E5 - The Blind Chicken Show
The top 18 battle it out for immunity in an epic team challenge. With only 45 minutes on the clock, the losing team has to break down a chicken to make a delectable dish in a crucial elimination challenge. Watch as the top 18 cook for their lives and discover which contestant has to hand over their apron.

Penn & Teller: Fool Us

S6 E1 - David Copperfield vs. Penn & Teller
Magicians David Copperfield, Jan Reinder, Ondřej Pšenička, and Giancarlo Bernini try fool the veteran duo with their illusions.

The 100

S6 E7 - Nevermind
Clarke’s past catches up to her.


S5 E8 - Death of a Car Salesman
Liv and Ravi each consume the brain of a very dislikable car salesman and inherit his competitive nature.
New Seasons:


The series centers on Kevin Corcoran, an Irish immigrant policeman trying to keep the peace in the historical Five Points neighborhood in 1860s New York City while searching for information on the disappearance of his wife and death of his daughter. It explores the aftermath of the American Civil War as well as the social stratification involving New York's aristocracy and African American population.

The Terror

A chilling anthology drama series inspired by true historical events.