Updated August 02, 2020

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New Episodes

Forged in Fire

S7 E34 - Super Champion Edition


Fruits Basket (2019)

S2 E17 - You Will, I'm Sure of It
Tohru and her classmates are in Kyoto for their school trip to create some lifelong memories.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

S7 E19 - Episode 198
Main story: The Uighur people are facing human rights abuses in China; plus, Trump’s authoritarian show of force in Portland; Martha Stewart loosens up.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

S7 E10 - Stolen
The team arrives back in 1983 where Nathaniel and Kora are building an army of anarchist Inhumans at Afterlife. Daisy is tasked with protecting Jiaying and is compelled to confront her mother for the first time since her death. The others learn they'll need to face yet another supercharged former enemy in order to stop Malick.